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Our History

Cozy Living Homes has put together 35 years of building experience and research to achieve one of the most energy efficient homes available to the custom home market. Although the idea came together in an effort to build a more energy efficient and functional low maintenance Log Home, this technology is equally suited for the conventional home in an urban setting.

One of the most respected journals in the Log Home industry said the following: “If you’re interested in getting the best of both worlds-high thermal mass and high R-values-consider building a super insulated log home. To build a super-insulated log house you need to use half logs inside and out, with thick R-40 insulated stud walls or stress-skin panels in between (SIPS). This gives a true log look and the benefits of the log’s thermal mass combined with insulation values that logs alone couldn’t match.” (Log Home Living, December '02)

Log Home Living is describing the exact home Cozy Living Homes has been selling and building since 1998.


Our Approach

Design begins with your dreams and thoughts sketched on paper. These preliminary concepts are then refined and as the process continues expert designers take it to completion. Having over 35 years of building experience and two design offices, Cozy Living Homes can assist you from start to finish.

At the heart of Cozy Living Homes is the Enercept SIP Building System. This simple, yet ingenious building system uses SIPs, commonly known as structural insulation panels. SIPs are formed from a high quality insulation, EPS (expanded polystyrene), laminated between OSB (oriented strand board). SIPs provide a fast, simple exterior framing system saving you time and money. The insulation and sheathing in SIPs bond to form a virtual I-beam of strength, protecting your home and family from weather conditions. With the Enercept SIP system you will experience a quieter, healthier home and a lifetime of energy savings.

The SIPs system is well suited for the “Homeowner” constructed house. At Cozy Living Homes we have found that experience and attention to detail proves that the home building experience can be enjoyable. A panelized house takes 3-5 days to be weatherproofed, compared to the 3-5 weeks it takes with a conventional framing. Plus your house is fully insulated and ready to be finished. Using SIPs, you can achieve R values that are not possible with conventional framing techniques. SIPs leave no voids in the infrastructure of the wall for moisture and mold to grow, which is an important issue in today’s construction. Using an air to air exchanger will provide your interior house with clean, fresh air at all times.

The superb R-value of the EPS insulation in SIPs, results in an average savings of 50% in heating and cooling costs compared to conventional framing. Enercept is an allied member of the Energy Star Homes Program sponsored by the EPA.